The Water is Full of Hazards – Fortunately Ike is in the Lifeguard Chair

Here’s a great blog post from my Flagler Beach pal, Tim Baker (Ike’s best friend!), in which Tim explains why we should all be quenching our thirst with anything other than bottled water. And he should know, because Tim is a water guy (read “engineer”) who has also written about the problem in one of his novels – and that’s where Ike comes into the picture … Read on and pay attention to Tim’s good advice!


There is one thing that every living organism on the planet needs to stay alive.


Without water our planet would quite literally die – taking all of us with it.

75% of the human body – and 90% of human blood – is water.

So, you get the picture…water is important.

So how ironic is it that water – the one thing we can’t live without – is actually being used to slowly kill the planet?

Don’t get me wrong…the water itself isn’t doing anything wrong. It’s us – the human population – that are doing the damage with water.

Bottled water to be specific.

american waterIn 1978 the United States consumed about 415 million gallons of bottled water

In 2001 we consumed 5.4 billion gallons.

By 2006 the number jumped to 8.3 billion gallons – for which the U.S. consumers shelled out $11 billion.

…but bottled water is…

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