Two Steps to Self-Promotion In A Self-Publishing World

It’s as simple as 1-2-3! More great advice on self-promoting!

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If you think opportunity is knocking by itself, you've got another thing coming. If you think opportunity is knocking by itself, you’ve got another thing coming.

Editor’s Note: As I go through the process of moving, a couple of my expert (re: smarty pants) friends — experts in writing, marketing, publishing, and social media — are pitching in until I get back. Enjoy their wisdom and visit their sites, which are listed at the bottom of their post.

So you have conceptualized, developed, and written your inspired and engaging piece of prose, uploaded it onto your website or blog, and are now patiently waiting for the money and exposure to just start rolling in.

If only it were that easy!

Writers of the world are living in an age of self-publishing and that means they are living in an age of self-promotion as well. No longer do they have to rely on sending in their painstakingly crafted creations to the anonymous recipient in…

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