Have you made the most of your Authors Pages!

I’m afraid I’ve been a wee bit lax in following through on all of this great advice, SRA, but I’ll be looking after it now! You don’t need to tell me more than twice … three – I mean – four or five times! How about the rest of you authors out there? Are your listings and bios up-to-date and everywhere?

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Can yourAuthors Pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Smashwords & Amazon be improved upon (and thereby increase their promotional value)?

As I’ve said before in various places, your Authors page is your CV, Resume, whatever you call it in your country or language – so MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

Btw, all of the above mentioned places, with one notable exception, are seen everywhere without any differences, the one exception being Amazon – they have different sites for their different Country Outlets.

What does that mean to you as an author?

You may have already posted an authors page on Amazon.com and/or Amazon.co.uk, but what about all the other Amazon outlets, like Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Spain, etc?

Think it doesn’t make any difference?

Maybe not – maybe it does – but you don’t know!

Could it possibly suggest to potential readers in those other countries that you don’t…

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