The Rhino Reads independent bookshop

This is such a great idea and I hope it catches on with some of my blog readers! Anyone out there interested in setting up their own virtual storefront Independent Bookshop?

Rhino Reads

Hurrah! My very own bookshop!


This morning I created the Rhino Reads Independent Bookshop and, over a coffee or two, chose the first twelve books to grace my virtual shelves. A tricky choice indeed!!

20140509-114150.jpg offers a virtual storefront where I can celebrate books and thrust them at like-minded people – and at the same time I can support a real, bricks and mortar, bookshop. Hurrah! Directly linked with, browsers can become buyers and purchase books from the shelves, with a small percentage of each sale going to my local independent children’s bookshop, Bags of Books. A lovely idea! And to top it off I get to look through all the bookshops other people have created and see what books they are selling. It’s like popping my head out from the toppermost branches of The Faraway Tree and finding myself in the cosiest, most heart-warming place – Bookshop Land!

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  1. Hi: I checked out your Rhino Reads Independent Book Shop site and it is beautiful!
    It will be a great resource for anyone looking to read good children’s books. Good luck with this! Sharon

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