…Authors, Writers—yeez are ALL special… #TBSU…

#TBSU – Seumas Gallacher, previously featured on Reading Recommendations, explains what this means … and includes me in the mix!

Seumas Gallacher

…most of yeez who follow my blog will understand the meaning of the hashtag ‘#TBSU’… for those who are new to it, it means, ‘The Blog Scratchers Union’… it costs yeez NUTHIN to be a part of it, and it WURKS on the basis of ‘you scratch my blog, and I’ll scratch your blog’… share the blog addresses freely on yer own posts and invite others to piggyback and co-follow… a lot of my own posts end with a list of ‘Blogs To Follow’, which incorporates people who’ve mentioned my blog recently, plus my own blog address for yeez to pick up on… I never cease to be amazed and heartened by the largesse of spirit shown toward others in this fabulous global internet’s SOSYAL NETWURKIN scribblers family… long may it continue… recently, my great pals, Cate Russell-Cole, who is an amazing supporter of fellow…

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