Bequia – Fine Boneless Roti

Thought I’d take a break from posting about publishing and writing and all that book-talk, and instead post an oldie-goldie culinary post from June 23, 2012. This may be what we’re having for lunch today … with plenty hot sauce!

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When we first moved to Bequia in the Caribbean, we thought we’d try living like the locals or, at least, to sample as much local life, and food, as we could. Rotis seemed like something safe to begin with – thin flour-lentil wrappings surrounding a curry filling that includes lots of potato chunks with your choice of protein, and plenty of hot sauce served on the side.

Dennis offered to make a roti-run, coming back from the Green Boley with two of these delicacies, still-piping-hot, individually wrapped in waxed paper, and stuffed into small brown bags along with a paper towel-napkin.

We unwrapped them and both bit down at the same moment.

“Bones!” I said in disgust, examining what I held in my hand.

“I think I broke a tooth,” Dennis said. “There’s a whole leg bone in here.”

“Mine’s a wing, by the look of it. I like wings…

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  1. Love roti and this one looks good. Lucky I am to have a Jamaican restaurant at the end of my street in Thunder Bay. Yum, double yum. Joan M. Baril

    1. That is lucky, Joan – Enjoy!!

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