…open invitation to Authors… come show yer wares here… #TBSU…

Let’s hope that my blog post, Here, let me help you with that promotion … , becomes a tsunami of authors (and readers) promoting other authors! If it does, it’s because of authors like Seumas Gallacher who are at the forefront of that wave. Thank you, Seumas!

Seumas Gallacher

…yesterday I re-blogged a superb post by my good pal, Susan M. Toy… in it she espoused much of my own sentiments about ‘paying it forward’… giving a leg up to other scribblers, indies or traditional… arguments may rage in other quarters about the supposed ‘battle’ ‘twixt self-publishingand traditional publishing… to me, that discussion matters not one jot… the essential thing is that all we quill-scrapers share a common bond… we write to be read… the emergence of the Great God Amazon Kindle and other ePublishing channels has produced an eruption of wannabe Nobel Literary Prize aspirants… the proliferation of new titles is an awesome readers’ tsunami… the discussion on ‘free books’ versus ‘paid tomes’ online is also a bit of a red herring too… I believe that discerning readers have no reluctance to pay for books… but good books, interesting books, well-written books, entertaining…

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