You say you want to save print books?

I thought I would reblog this post I wrote in Dec. 2009, because there are still people out there clinging to their print books, denying that reading could actually allow for both formats of publishing …

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Reading this post from Booksquare got me thinking – everyone out there who has ever said, “I could never read an e-book on a computer or a reading device,” or “I will never give up print books, because I love the feel of the pages and holding the book while I read,” should put their money where their mouths are and buy new books – lots of them, and insist that all their friends buy new books, too. And buy those books at full price, while they’re at it, and from an independent bookstore. Don’t buy used, because the author doesn’t gain from sales of used books. The only way to keep publishers publishing print books, and paying royalties to the authors who write them, is if those print books actually sell.

But the real point is that e-books, and all the other new technilogical formats, some of which you…

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  1. Interesting that you wrote this almost seven years ago and it still holds true.

    1. I was singing this tune while I was still a sales rep in 2008 and tried to convince publishers that there was a future in promoting “and selling” eBooks right alongside print through the traditional bookstores. No one listened to me, though. They chose to drag their heels and hide their heads in the sand until eBooks began proving they could become formidable competition for traditional publishing. It’s sad really, since there never was any need at all for the two formats to compete.

      1. You’re right. They don’t compete. I buy both and for different reasons.

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