Painting Adam: Gimme some male protagonists written by women

Interesting blog post … My novel, Island in the Clouds, is written in first person from the perspective of a male character. Would love to hear what my readers think of how successful I was with this. Please comment below as well as on Kevin Brennan’s original blog.



One of the most popular posts on this blog is one called “Drawing Eve: Can male authors write female characters?” In it I explain my approach to the book I’ve been working on, whose protagonist is a woman approaching the reader in first-person. Pretty risky, especially when the author is a middle-aged man. For a long time, there’s been a consensus in the cloud that guys just don’t get girls. The nuances of female psychology are beyond us, because even if we are Sensitive Author Men we don’t have the special goggles needed to see inside the mysterious Lady Head.

My position is that everything revolves around character and that the character’s gender is simply part of a constellation of factors that go into the creation of a three-dimensional figure. Still, there are plenty of readers out there who believe that a man attempts to create a convincing female character…

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  1. I’m curious to watch this discussion, having only written from my own gender’s perspective.

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