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Reblogging some earlier posts about my novel, “Island in the Clouds” …

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I decided to go into town today and do some work at Tommy’s, my friend’s restaurant. So I set up my computer at the bar and took this picture…

to show the excellent promo Pam is giving my novel!

Roxanne was organizing things to get ready for opening at lunch. A man came in and ordered a rum punch (at about 10:45), drank that down quickly and left. (Roxie and I were both astonished at the speed with which he downed that drink – frightening, actually when you know the strength of rum that’s used in the making of one…) Pam came in with the laundered tablecloths and napkins then left again. It rained, pretty hard, but Roxie and I just kept working away – she with the ironing, and I managing to get quite a bit done on my computer with only a very little bit of time spent…

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  1. […] Reblogging some earlier posts about my novel, "Island in the Clouds" …  […]

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