Where/Who in the World … ???


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Over the past two years since my novel, Island in the Clouds, was first published as an eBook, and then in print, I have been encouraging friends and readers to send me photos of themselves reading Island wherever they happen to be in the world. I’ve received some terrific photos, some of which I have previously published on this blogsite and others that have been posted to Facebook. Over the next while I’ll be gathering up all those that I’ve already received and will add them to this new page. If you have contributed photos in the past, please check back from time-to-time to see if I’ve posted them. If you don’t see yours there yet, just send me a friendly reminder and I will post as soon as I can. (I’m going to have to gather the photos from several different folders and places where they’ve been stored, so the actual discovery of them could take me some time. Please bear with me!)


And for anyone else who would like to get in on the fun, I’ll be happy to post your photos here, too! Just send me a photo of my novel either in print or on an eReader (with the cover shot showing) and you reading it or, if you’re shy, in front of a landmark or a place that’s significant to you. If you’re a published author, I’m very happy to give you a plug by also linking to your website. And double-bonus promotion for you if you send a photo of my novel next to your own book(s)!

So … Go For It! I’m looking forward to posting your photos of my novel, Island in the Clouds, and seeing exactly Where in the World you’re reading!

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