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Share the Love!!
A bit of musical encouragement from The Spencer Davis Group …

I’m writing another post on this subject, because every Author, every Reader, needs to be reminded, and regularly reminded, that sharing is the most effective way to get word out there that we’ve written and published – or read – a great book! Authors and Readers, please continue the sharing by reblogging this post. Let everyone know how important it is to share! Thank you for reading.

From dream1dancer: Why Authors are so Important

From Rachelle Gardner: 4 Ways to Connect with Readers by Dana Sitar

From wordserve water cooler: Book Reviews: Do They Help? by Jordyn Redwood

From Indie Reader: 15 More Tips for Helping Your Friend Promote Their Book by Jan Yager

From Seth Godin: Unlimited mileage


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  1. Reblogged this on Felicia Jane: Writer Extraordinarie and commented:
    Here it is folks, remember that the best way to sell something is word of mouth. Ideas are shared because we talk about them. Change happens because we talk about them. So talk about books; talk about witty things you read and for goodness sakes share something you enjoyed reading. (the internet isn’t just for memes)

    1. Thanks for sharing, feliciajane411!

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