On Safari. Bequia Style.

Thank you, A Week at the Beach, for reading my novel and mentioning on this blog! I look forward to welcoming you to Bequia when you do vacation on the island.

A Week at the Beach.

I’ve done more African safaris in my day than I can count. They all start with some sort of transfer from the International airport upon arrival in your destination to a hot, sticky-slow structure that vaguely passes as an airport where you board you teeny tiny airplane to your final destination. I’m getting the sense that a week at the beach on Bequia might just have the same beginning. But that’s all part of the excitement and adventure!

Bequia (pronounced “beck-way”) is one of the 60 islands and cays that make up the Grenadines archipelago. In this travel blog I’ll try to temper my excitement about this destination and just give you all the important facts.

But I. Really. Want. To. Go. There. NOW!

Getting there.

I’ve done a lot of researching on this, and there really is only one good option to get to Bequia from the U.S.


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