On eBooks and ePublishing – Part 1

This is the first of a planned 3-part posting about eBooks, print books, and what I’ve discovered after a year of reading both formats. I’ve been collecting articles over the past few months that cover the views of many people about the state of publishing at the moment and what that means for authors and, more importantly, readers. I hope that everyone will find something of interest here …

First up is the link to an eZine I maintain on all things eBook and ePublishing: eBook News and Reviews

The opportunities ePublishing presents
From dna: The Evolution of e-publishing: Why India has lagged behind in adapting eBooks by Gargi Gupta
From HuffPost Books: The 8 Most Influential People in E-Book Single Publishing by Howard Polskin
From Forbes: EBooks Breathe New Life Into Novellas by Suw Charman-Anderson
From io9: How can you make the eBook novella boom work for you? by Charlie Jane Anders

Which is exactly what we’ve discovered here at IslandShorts!

Getting eReaders and eBooks into the hands of bricks-and-mortar-bookstore patrons
From GoodEreader: Kobo to bring eReaders and eBooks to Spain via La Central Bookstore by Michael Kozlowski
From Galleycat: Buying eBooks Through Your Local Indie Bookstore by Jason Boog

And how innovative bricks-and-mortar bookstores can prosper by embracing eBooks
From TeleRead: Ada’s Technical Books shows how bookstores can survive in an e-book world by Chris Meadows

New innovations in publishing that are good for the entire business
From The Shatzkin Files: Now HERE is an experiment that looks like it worked and is worthy of replication
From The Digital Reader: HarperCollins Reports Revenues Down, eBook Revenues Up – a Sign That the eBook Market Hasn’t Flattened by Nate Hoffelder

What authors need to know if they are contemplating ePublishing
From Callisto Green: What every author needs to know about ebooks
From MorgEn Bailey’s Writing Blog: Guest post: Time to Kiss and Make Up? by Dave Sivers

The relationship between Libraries and ePublishers
From Library Journal: eBooks for Libraries: Still a Ripoff by AnnoyedLibrarian
From Forbes: You’ll Need a PhD To Make Sense Of The Pricing Schemes Publishers Impose On Libraries by Ava Seave

And from the Readers’ perspectives
From Talking Writing: Why Aren’t More People Reading eBooks? by David Biddle
From BBC News Africa: Will e-publishing help Africa switch on to reading?
From The Shatzkin Files: The truth is we do not yet know whether ebooks will work for anything except readerly books
From The New York Review of Books: E-books Can’t Burn by Tim Parks


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  1. There’s a lot of reading material there!!

    1. Hope it’s not too overwhelming as there’s lots more yet to be posted … along with my own scattered thoughts on the subject.

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