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I’ve signed up to take part in two different reading challenges throughout 2014! There’s the 52 Books in 52 Weeks 2014 Challenge and the Global Reading Challenge 2014.

I love challenges like this, because they give my reading some much-needed direction and open me up to the possibilities of reading books that are different than those I might normally choose, if left up to my own devices …

This past year, Goodreads ran a Reading Challenge in which we had to create our own goal number of books we would read during 2013. I reached my goal of 150 books by mid-December, so now I’m thinking that, with these two new added reading challenges, if Goodreads holds another challenge this year, I might have to increase my goal number of books I’ll read during 2014 to 175.

Let 2014 begin!!

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  1. Go for it! Good luck! Wish I could make that kind of commitment. But thanks to you, I think I’ll keep track of how many books I read in 2014. I expect I’ll be surprised!

    1. I wish I’d been keeping track my entire reading life. Better late than never!

  2. ooh interesting challenges – good luck. i’ve done (unofficially) the 52/52 challenge some weeks were easier than others – it’s good to try to get ahead and attempt 2 books in 1 week, so that if there’s a week you can’t finish a book, you still meet your goal. Easy reads for me were written by Rachel Caine or MaryJanice Davidson – i could read those ladies in a day!

    as for the global challenge – never heard of it, looks interesting, but would require some extensive research lol

    1. I’ve already gone through all the print books I have on hand and found much of what I can read for the Expert Level of the Global Reading Challenge. I have a lot of books in my own personal library that I’ve never had a chance to read, so these challenges now give me the incentive. Then I asked friends to fill in the gaps with their suggestions for authors missing from a few of the continents. So I have a stack of print books at the ready and a bunch of eBooks queued up for reading. I’m looking forward to discovering some new-to-me authors!

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