Everyone’s A Winner!!!

As the Carnies always say, “Step right up! Step right up! Everyone’s a Winner!!!”


And that’s what happened with my recent contest in which all you had to do to enter was write a comment. Easy-Peasy, folks! Six people did just that. They took the time to make a comment and so I decided they would all win! I’m feeling rather generous at the moment, it being the season and all. But I am also very thankful for their support. So Jaclyn, Mandy, Maria, Lockie, Joan, and “Jazzybeatchick” have each won copies of both my eBooks, Island in the Clouds and That Last Summer. Thanks very much to all of you for entering!

As for the rest of you … What are you going to do the next time I run a contest like this on my blog? That’s right! You’re going to enter, because more likely than not I will be feeling overly generous again and EVERYONE will be a winner!!

One response

  1. LOL Thank you!!! i liked feeling special this morning seeing “You are a Winner” in my mailbox

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