Island in the Clouds and Yoga in the Caribbean!

Sue Patricia ad

My friend, Patricia Healey, and I decided to pool our resources and efforts and advertise My Novel and her new Yoga Instruction DVD on Bequia this winter! We’ve known each other since 1980, so it seemed logical that we work together now to promote our creative endeavours. The Bequia Book Shop has agreed to stock and sell both Island in the Clouds, a novel set on Bequia, and Yoga in the Caribbean, a video filmed on Bequia, over the winter months. And during that time, we’ll be running the above ad in a great little weekly promotional paper, Bequia This Week, which is available at locations all over the island as well as online in a digital version.

If you’re planning on travelling to Bequia this winter, look for copies of Island in the Clouds and Yoga in the Caribbean in the Bequia Book Shop. If you can’t make it to Bequia, but would like to own a copy of either the book or the DVD – or both! – just send me a message: susanmtoy (at) Both book and DVD can be mailed to you from Canada.

(The eBook version of Island in the Clouds is always available online!)

3 responses

  1. Maryclare Rattey

    Good luck to both of you! Wish I was there!

    1. We wish you were here, too, Maryclare!

  2. I’ve never been to the caribbean but it sounds amazing, best of luck with Island in the Clouds. I look forward to reading it.

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