Special Announcement: MRP Cover Contest Cancelled

Too Bad!! Island in the Clouds had some solid competition here from the authors who did enter their covers for judging … I hope that Morning Rain Publishing will hold the contest again at a later date. If they do, please be sure to enter your book’s cover!! What a great, FREE opportunity to promote your book and your writing – don’t you think?

Check out the link to the MRP site and tell me below in my blog’s comments section – which cover would have received your vote?


5 responses

  1. I like Island too – it’s all calm and relaxing, and then BAM… gun. shows a little spice šŸ™‚ Though i thought that Seasons book was fabulous for the target audience, he nailed the concept

  2. Definitely Island in the Clouds, along with Who Follows – both great covers and piques the interest for what lies inside. šŸ™‚

  3. I would have voted for Island in the Clouds. I could picture myself laying in the hammock and looking at the view.

    1. Good answer, Janice! If you didn’t already have a copy I’d send one to you …

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