Writers and their Editors

Three more articles on the relationship between writer and editor.

From The Digital Editor: When an Editor Matters by Rich Adin
“Editors do matter. The choice of editor does matter. The type of editing does matter. A good working relationship between author and editor does matter. And it is vitally important that an author not believe that each word he or she has written is sacrosanct and cannot be changed for the better.”

(This next article may seem quite shocking at first glance to readers out there, but what the author has to say makes a great deal of sense to me who has worked on the publishing side of this buisness and knows how most decisions to publish are actually made.)

From FUTUREBOOK: Let’s abolish editors by Agent Orange

(Like the author of this article, I too was impressed by Berg’s book about Max Perkins. Those were the days when editing and editors were very important – perhaps even the most important aspect of publishing.)

From Publishers’ Weekly: What Ever Happened to Book Editors? by Marjorie Braman



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