Announcing a CONTEST!!

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Leading up to the holidays, I thought it would be fun to hold a contest for readers of my blog so that they may win copies of both my eBooks! There will be a copy of each of Island in the Clouds and That Last Summer available for a draw to be held on this blogsite on Dec. 23rd.

Anyone is eligible to win, and even if you have read either or both books, you will still want to enter for the chance to win a copy to give to a friend. Let’s say you’re giving someone an eReader as a gift … Wouldn’t it be fun to include a copy of one of my books to be downloaded on that eReader so they may begin reading immediately?

All you have to do to enter is post a comment below and tell me whether you would like to win a copy for yourself, or for a friend, and why you want to win either Island in the Clouds or That Last Summer. You’re welcome to enter to win both eBooks, but please enter twice and list the titles separately.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. I can imagine curling up in a warm blanket as the snow falls outside the window, immersing myself in these wonderful stories.

  2. When I see the cover, I think of a warm summer breeze filled with words and thoughts scented with freesia, lavendar, and jasmine that float accross my face like little kisses for my soul. I am in a place where I can finally exhale letting go of everything that does not matter. Thank you, JBC

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    One day left to enter!! Winner will be chosen on Monday Dec. 23rd. Here’s a hint, though … everyone who comments will receive a surprise, so it’s worth it to take a few moments and write a comment. Do it now!

  4. I’m looking at that hammock, that iced glass of, in my mind, Caribean dark rum and cola, dripping condensation to pool in a perfect ring on the glass topped table, and I can almost feel the tropical heat of a perfect day in paradise. Then I look out the window at the snow falling steadily, covering the once green grass of my lawn in an expected 20 – 40 cm of nasty cold whiteness, and I am slammed back to my reality. Are you sure you don’t need a Johnny on the spot? I come with a beautiful silver bell, and a readiness to serve at the slightest ring. Coffee anyone?

  5. One look at the dark sky outside, snow falling and one lone chickadee at the feeder and one look at the cover of Island in the Clouds, and even with the gun on the table, or maybe because of the gun on the table, I know I want to be there, even in the imagination of a reader.

  6. Great idea. Love to hear some of the adventures you had on your journey to getting both books ready to encourage those of us who are somewhat afraid of dipping our toes in that pond. The first one I would read would be Island in the Clouds as it has an intriguing title.

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