More milestones to mark – and prizes to give out!!

On Aug. 11th, I hit the 200 Followers/Subscribers mark for this blog and wrote about it here!

island clouds front june 11l

I announced then that I would award more prizes when I achieved several other milestones. I’m happy to say that I’ve reached three of these four (number of views – 60,000; number of comments – 1000; number of times the blog has been shared – 300) and the following people have been selected to receive their choice of Island in the Clouds, either print or eBook edition, or That Last Summer, my latest IslandShorts publication, available only as an eBook.


Congratulations to Charlotte, logankrebel, and Barb who have been notified by email that they have won.

There will be two more prizes awarded when I have published a total of 500 blog posts (I’m currently at 492) and 250 Followers/Subscribers) (currently the number is 222).

Thanks to everyone who has viewed, commented on, shared, followed/subscribed and, most importantly, READ my blog over the years. I couldn’t have done this without you!!

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