200 Blog Followers/Subscribers! Shazzam!

A day short of a month ago, I posted this to my blog: Now We Are 175!

At that time, I held a draw to celebrate and chose two names at random from my list of subscribers and followers who then won copies of my book, Island in the Clouds, in print or eBook – their choice. I had also said then that I would hold another draw, picking two more names to win copies of my book, when the number of subscribers reached 200.


Well, guess what – we did it! We’ve reached the magic number of 200! And it’s all thanks to you, my loyal readers!

So, without further delay, here are the names of the two winners … eawarner and Jennifer. I will be sending you each an email to notify you of your prize and let you select the format.

I’ve decided that we should change things around a little bit for the next time and hold four separate draws based on the number of blog posts I publish, the number of views the blog receives, the number of comments made by readers, and the number of times this blog has been “shared” in various social media:

Number of Blog Posts – Currently at 472, and when I hit 500 I’ll hold a draw in which all subscribers/followers are eligible

Number of Views – Currently at 59,046, and when I hit 60,000 I’ll hold another draw for all subscribers/followers

Number of Comments – Currently at 970 and when that hits 1000 I’ll hold a draw for a name only from among those who have commented

Number of Times the Blog has been “Shared” – Currently at 280 and when that hits 300 I’ll hold a draw from among my friends, followers, contacts, etc., in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

So you can increase your chances of winning by commenting and sharing my blog.

Thanks, Everyone, for reading! Your support has been unbelievable – and greatly appreciated!

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    1. That’s my brilliant editor! Thanks for being one of my biggest supporters!

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