The ins and outs of being a writer …

As I struggle to get back to my own writing and question why I’m doing something that often feels so much like I’m beating myself over the head, I thought I’d procrastinate just a little bit longer and post a few more links to some very interesting articles and blog posts that address the issue of being a writer …

First off, a flow chart from terribleminds, because I love flow charts (and I know that my designer, Jenny Ryan, loves flow charts, too!)

From wordserve water cooler: Being a Published Author Won’t Make Me Happy (And How I Know That) by Lucille Zimmerman AND The Writing Life: A Super Balancing Act by Rebecca L. Boschee

From Tim Baker at blindoggbooks: Step Right Up – I’ll Make You Rich AND Do We Write for Love or Money?

From C. Hope Clark: One Day I’ll Write This Story

From Michael Hyatt: The 4 Hidden Rewards of Rejection

From Seth Godin: Fearlessness is not the same as the absence of fear

From Writing Forward: How to Write Well Without Losing Your Mind by Melissa Donovan

From HuffPost Books: When Novels Become Assassins by David Biddle

And, as if the angst of writing weren’t enough of a worry, here’s an article for those of you who are considering whether to go the traditional or the self-publishing route …

From The Guardian: Linda Gillard on self-publishing: ‘I market myself, not a genre’

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