Caribbean Food … Mmmmm, mmmmm, good!

Gwenith Whitford is a friend, a fellow Canadian and Queen’s University alumnae, who now lives full time on the island of Dominica, just a few islands north of Bequia in the Windward Islands chain. You may read about how we initially met on Bequia here: (click on the article and zoom in to read)

Alumni Review article by Gwen Whitford

Gwen has become completely immersed in her island home, teaching at various institutions, involving herself in Dominican music, history and culture, and the many special events organized for tourists and locals alike. She has enjoyed the nature and hiking trails the island has to offer. And she also appreciates the food of the Caribbean, and the particular flavours of Dominican cooking. Although there is a general “Caribbean-style” in this part of the world, the cooks on each island concoct very different fare using the same ingredients grown and produced everywhere in the region, so the food of Dominica is unique in many ways. Plus the strong Francophone presence means that their food is “flavoured” in the way only the French are capable of doing – Ooo, la, la!

Ti Domnik Tales is the very fine blog that Gwen posts to on a regular basis. I urge you to subscribe to this and read all about Dominica.

Since food is of particular interest to me, I thought I would post links here to five of Gwen’s informative articles on the food of Dominica …


Savouring Fine Flavours at the Francophone Food Fair in Dominica

A Feast for Canada Day – Dominican style


Celebrating Creole Day in Dominica

Good Company, Great Food, the Best Music: A Special Sunday Afternoon in Dominica!


English Immersion on the Nature Island: French Students Learn about Dominica’s Cuisine and Culture

Thanks, too, to Gwen for all the support she’s given me in promoting Island in the Clouds in Dominica, and making sure the library in Rosseau received a copy of my book!

(All photos by Gwenith Whitford and posted here with her permission.)


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  1. Thank you Sue! You have helped me in countless ways. I have always appreciated your advice and support over the years. I am touched by this kind gesture. I wish you continued success with ‘Clouds’ and all future writing endeavors. Cheers!

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