A Writing and Reading Life

It goes without saying … if you are a writer, you are a reader. The best way to learn how to write is to read – and to read A LOT – not just the genre you write, either, but across the board, good books and poorly written books (so that you get to know the difference and learn to avoid poor writing when you write your own work).

So I’ve gathered up some articles and interesting information for those of you who are Writers AND Readers. The Readers among you (and I hope there are some people who follow this blog who are Readers only, because where would we writers be without you?) may skip the first section and jump down to the Reading part of this post.

A Writing Life
From The Writing Corp: Revise Like a Hero
From Canada Writes: Can writing be taught? by David Bergen
From Rachelle Gardner: Are You Afraid to Tell the Truth? AND Developing Resilience AND One Simple Secret for Success as a Writer by Chad R. Allen
From What Is A Writer: Eight Reasons Why You Should Not Slap Your Critics With a Shovel
From Write With Warnimont: The Secret to a Writer’s Happiness
From The New York Times: Writers as Architects by Matteo Pericoli
From We Grow Media: The Experience You Create For Readers Goes Beyond The Book by Dan Blank


A Reading Life
From The Chronicle Review: The Ideal English Major by Mark Edmundson
From BOOKRIOT: The Best Books of 2013: Halftime Report by Sean Bell
From HuffPost Books: The 10 Most Talked About Books of 2013 by Jeff O’Neal
From The Guardian: Top 50 classic crime novels – what would make your list?
From Qwiklit: 15 Essential Irish Novels

Do you have any tips for coping with A Writing Life or lists of favourite books to share in A Reading Life? Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I have to say that one of my favourite books on the subject of reading and writing is this one by Francine Prose. (Don’t you just love her appropriate her last name?)

    1. Mine, too, Minkee! That book is on my “recommended” list to writers. Thanks for reminding me. It’s time for a reread.

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