On the creative process … on writing, and reading, creatively

Because to become a good creative writer you must first read a lot of creative books …


On Writing Creatively
From The Art of Non-Conformity: Starting in the Middle
From terribleminds: Writers: You Might Be Doing It Wrong If …
From Quill & Quire: University of King’s College to offer Canada’s first graduate degree in long-form creative non-fiction
From CBC – Canada Writes: 13 places where you can become a better writer AND How to survive being edited
From The Editors’ Weekly: The Inner Editor: The Useful Conversation by Virginia Durksen
From The Atlantic: Why Stephen King Spends ‘Months and Even Years’ Writing Opening Sentences by Joe Fassler
From The Writing Corp: Creative Constriction
From wordserve water cooler: What Is a Beta Reader, and Why Do We Need Them? by Sharon A. Lavy

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On Reading Creatively
From C. Hope Clark: Why Do You Read?
From GoodEReader: As Publishing Evolves, So Are the Readers by Mercy Pilkington
From goodreads: Goodreads Grows to 20 Million Readers
From The Huffington Post Canada: Less Stress, Stronger Communities: Why We Can’t Afford NOT To Read by Julie Wilson AND Spreading the Joy of Reading One Child at a Time by Maureen Dockendorf and Faye Brownlie
From TIME Ideas: Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer by Annie Murphy Paul
From BOOKRIOT: 3 Steps to Reading Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger by Peter Damien
From Books & Such Literary Agency: Reading Style – Deep or Wide? by Wendy Lawton
From The Ottawa Citizen: Does reading have a future? A noted Canadian philosopher gazes into the future by Mark Kingwell


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  1. Yes, on the drink coffee pic. That is me. I do read a lot, mostly online though. An avid role player, that is where I like to get my reading material. Something I can be a part of and write back too.

    1. Now, that’s creative reading! Thanks for your comment, Charlotte.

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