On editing and writing and agents


On Editing
From Jeff Goins Writer: Why Writers Can’t Edit Their Own Work
From wordserve water cooler: Editing Tips by henrymclaughlin

On Writing
From terribleminds: 25 Things to Know About Your Story’s Stakes
If you’re looking for a way to write really popular, commercial fiction, here’s a cheat sheet of rules that all the movies seem to follow … that is, if you don’t mind your story sounds like those written by everyone else. From Slate: The Save the Cat! beat sheet
From C. Hope Clark: Why Do You Write? AND Make Yourself Good
From The Writing Corp: How To Write Well
From wordserve watercooler: What Does Your Hero Yearn For? by henrymclaughlin
From IndieReader: 8 Moments When You Swear You’ll Never Write Again by jleff
From Aerogramme Writers’ Studio: 23 Tips From Famous Writers for New and Emerging Authors

On Agents
From Books & Such: Let Your Agent Be the Bad Guy by Rachelle Gardner AND Query Letters: Why request? Why reject? by Rachel Kent
From Rachelle Gardner: How to Impress an Agent

And a wonderful short story written by Calgary writer Betty Jane Hegerat for your weekend reading pleasure, and to celebrate the impending birth of a little princess or prince … The Queen is Coming. Enjoy!

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