On Writing, On Taking Criticism … and Dishing It Out


On Writing, and the Writing Life
From Victoria Bell: 21 Days of Writing 21st Century Fiction: Donald Maass’s full list of prompts
From Writer Unboxed: 6 Ways to Make Sure Your Reader’s Brain Syncs with Your Protagonist’s Brain by Lisa Cron
From We Grow Media: Hidden In Front Of Everyone’s Eyes – Our Own Potential by Dan Blank
From wordserve water cooler: The 15-Minute Writer: Taming the Social Media Monster by denadyer70
From Writers Write: How to start writing by Natalie Goldberg
John Cleese On Creativity (Video)
For all you Coffee Shop Authors out there …
From The National Post: 30 pearls of advice for the aspiring writer working in his neighbourhood café by Dave Bidini

On Taking Criticism
From Writer Unboxed: Two Words Writers Should Avoid by Keith Cronin
From The Village Voice: I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script by Josh Olson
From Rachelle Gardner: Why Didn’t I Say “Yes” to Your Submission?
From Writer Unboxed: Dealing with a Bad Review by C.W. Gortner

And for those who need examples of how not to write a query letter, we have SlushPile HellIf you’ve been writing query letters that are anything remotely like these, STOP RIGHT NOW!!!

On Dishing Out Criticism
From Indie Author News: 10 Tips to Writing Excellent Book Reviews by Lauryn April


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  1. Absolutely love that Andy Warhol quotation!

    1. I see a lot of people have been sharing it around. It’s one that every artist should read and remember.

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