The weekly roundup – Part 3: On marketing, promotion, publicity

Just so we’re clear on these terms … Marketing is anything you do to sell your book, whether it’s direct to readers or sales to bookstores, libraries, etc., who then sell or lend the book to readers; Promotion is anything that you pay for to promote your book (printing bookmarks, advance reading copies or comp copies, advertising, paying another party to list your book and promote it for you); Publicity is any kind of notice or attention your book receives that costs you nothing (reviews, free listings on websites, buzz, word-of-mouth, etc.)

On Marketing
From Seth Godin: Magic beans (three steps to a successful marketing promise)
From blindoggbooks: Social Media Marketing for Indie Authors (and Dummies) by Tim Baker
From wordserve water cooler: A Book Marketing Retreat by Lucille Zimmerman
From Digital Book World: How to Sell Ebooks: 5 Proven Tips by Rob Eagar
From The Shatzkin Files: Taking book marketing where the book readers are likely to be
From Bestseller Labs: The Book Marketing Maze: 22 Wrong Turns and How to Avoid Them

On Promotion
From We Grow Media: What I Do All Day, and Why.
From wordserve water cooler: Beyond Boring Bookmarks by Michelle Griep

On Publicity
From Seth Godin: The cycle of media attention
The best way to obtain publicity? Don’t be Shy! Get out there, meet people, and let them know about yourself and your book! Build your tribe! (Just don’t be a pest about it …)
From Seth Godin: The sea of strangers

This is important information for all writers to know and understand – Reasons why readers may abandon reading our books … Does your book suffer from any of the faults cited?
From Book Patrol: DNF: Why we abandon books (an infographic)

Now, THIS is great promotion! Taking books directly to readers …



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  1. A library on the beach – what a concept! A little more labour intensive for the staff, I would think. Where exactly is that? Did I miss the citation?

    1. I downloaded this photo from Facebook, so I’m not sure where the library is located, exactly, but there seems to be a list of information in a number of languages on the left side, with flags from many different countries, so obviously somewhere that attracts international visitors. Would love to see this on Bequia or on any other Caribbean island, with the twist of also having a kiosk that allows the ability to download eBooks directly on to readers. There’s a world of possibilities when you start taking the books directly to the readers!

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