Now we are 175!

It was just 39 days ago that I wrote this blog post thanking all of my followers and subscribers, because your number had reached 150.

Well, I’m very pleased to announce that my blog now has 175 followers and subscribers!! And I couldn’t be happier!

So, just as with the last milestone, I am going to give away copies of Island in the Clouds to TWO lucky winners this time, in whichever format they choose to read it.

island clouds front june 11l

**Drumroll, please!**

And the winners are … Marianne and Sean. I’ll be sending out an email to each of you to notify you of your prizes and make arrangements to get a copy of my book or eBook to each of you.

Since I enjoy these giveaways and celebrating with all of you terrific people out there who follow my blog, I plan to offer two more prizes when I hit the magic number of 200 followers. So please tell your friends about my blog by sharing, tweeting, liking and commenting upon posts whenever you receive notice of a new one.

Please note, too, that I don’t reward the 175th or 200th person who follows my blog. I believe in selecting winners from the entire list, to give everyone – especially those loyal people who have been following my blog for a while – a chance to win a prize.

And, if you’ve already read my novel, and you enjoyed it, please send a comment, or consider reviewing it on the several online sites where it’s available for purchase. We authors depend upon word-of-mouth from satisfied readers to spread the information further afield about the books we write and publish. Any and all help you can offer is greatly appreciated! (And if you are at all interested in reviewing or promoting Island in the Clouds on your own blog, please contact me by email to receive a review copy.)

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