The weekly roundup – Part 1: On Writing and Editing

This week, aticles, blogs and a bit of humour for beginning writers, for writers working on their manuscripts, and for those who are ready to work with an editor or seek out an agent.


Advice for Writers and on being a Writer
From Rachel Small – Freelancing to Freedom: Evolution
From C. Hope Clark: In the Beginning …
From wordserve water cooler: Open Your Eyes, the Blinding Truth About Writing by Gillian Marchenko
From Writer’s Digest: 7 Reasons Writing a Book Makes You a Badass by Brian A. Klems
From The BookBaby Blog: 6 Essential Tips For Your Own Stay-At-Home Writing Retreat by Beth Barany
From Michael Hyatt: Are You Doing It Because You Love It Or for The Reward That Follows?


On Writing
From Writer’s Digest: 4 Things Star Trek Can Teach Us About Writing by Thomas Smith
From wordserve water cooler: Jumping in the Deep End With Your Characters by Jan Drexler
From Writer Unboxed: What Not to Think About When You’re Writing by Jeanne Kisacky
From Michael Hyatt: 7 “Tricks” to Improve Your Writing Overnight
From The Passive Voice: Authors on the Importance of Writing the Final Chapter First
From Jeff Bullas: The Power of Simple Writing
From Write well. Change the world.: 10 Online Resources for Writers Who Want to Write Well


On Working with Editors and Agents
From Scribd.: Over 300 Ways to Say Said (Most times a simple said will suffice, but when you really feel the need to say more …)
From HuffPost Books: 11 Things I Can Tell You Are Wrong About Your Manuscript Without Reading It by Ken Achity
From Rachelle Gardner: Creatively Pitching Your Project
From Books & Such: 2 things an agent isn’t by Janet Kobobel Grant

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