The weekly roundup … This time, all about reading

This week, I’m featuring articles, blogs and information on Reading specifically, because I seem to have found more of interest on this particular topic than anything else. Besides, lately, I’ve been reading A LOT …


From HuffPost The Book Club: Building a Better Book Club by Evan Gottlieb

From HuffPost Books: The Reasons I Became an Avid Reader by Alex Reichert

From The Atlantic: How Reading Makes Us More Human by Karen Swallow Prior

From Englewood Review of Books: Review of How to Read Literature by Terry Eagleton

From One Man. One Mission.: The Art of Reading: How to Read a Book by Shane Parrish

And I will post this article here, but plan to write a separate post about how reading has changed for me since I published an eBook and bought an eReader …
From Giacom: Why E-readers Are Good for Books: People Read More by Matthew Ingram

What are you reading right now? Do you find you’re reading more, less, or about the same as you ever have?

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