Part 2: On Publishing/Promoting (Trad and Self), Bookselling and eBooks


On Publishing – Traditional and Self
From Good Ereader: The Vast Majority of Indie Authors Will Never Be Taken Seriously by Michael Kozlowski
From Self Published Author: Guy Kawasaki: It’s Not Self-Publishing, It’s Artisanal Publishing by Laura Dawson
From HuffPost Books: New York Isn’t Book Country Anymore by Molly Barton
From The Shatzkin Files: Anybody Press is the new member of the Big Six (for eBooks, at least)

And for those of you who want to take self-publishing to a whole new level, you can now buy your very own replica Gutenberg printing press …

On Promotion
From Books Live: Dear Lovely Author (truths about marketing you need to know) by Helen Moffett
From Good Ereader: Do We Really Need Book Reviews? by Molly Pilkington
From Books & Such Literary Agency: Why Should I Read Your Book? by Michelle Ule
From The Shatzkin Files: Promotional activities market to the Three Cs: creators, channels, consumers
From IndieReader: The Shifting Landscape of Book Reviews by Sabrina Ricci
From Writer Unboxed: Are You Building an Audience of Writers, Not Readers? by Dan Blank
From Writer Unboxed: Why Authors Should Help Other Authors by Catherine McKenzie

On Bookselling
From talking writers: Why Bookstores Aren’t Helping Indie Authors – Yet by David Biddle
From The Edmonton Journal: A textbook case of digital revolution: Alberta closes the book on an education tradition by Paula Simons

1014280_438105862954800_1835248666_n This is a look inside the oldest bookstore in the world. Bertrand Bookstore in Lisbon has been open since 1732!

On eBooks and ePublishing
From Good Ereader: Digital Comics: 40 Million Served (This Year) by Brigid Alverson
and How eBooks Are Fueling Untraditional Sales Outlets by Jason Illian
From Critical Margins: That Old E-book Smell by Kevin Eagan

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