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From Ann Ireland: An excerpt from a new novel!

On Writers Reading
From HuffPost Books: 10 Tips for Writers Reading in Public by Randy Susan Meyers

On Writing
From We Grow Media: Should Writers Take More Risks?
From Carrie Mumford: When Are You a Writer?
From Joel Goldman: The Dark Side of Social Media – Crimes, Confessions and Cops

On eBooks and Self-Publishing
From GoodeReader: The Overwhelming Majority of Self-Published eBooks are Terrible and Self-Published Authors Are Destroying Literature both written by by Michael Kozlowski

On Promotion
From Writer Unboxed: How to Stay Noticed by Sarah Callender
From Seth Godin: The thermostat and the frying pan

On Reading and Libraries
From HuffPost Books: Shocking Confessions of a Recovering Book Snob by Jeanette Solomon
From Book Patrol: Living with and sharing 35,000 books
From The Guardian: James Joyce’s ‘last undiscovered’ collection to be published
From Seth Godin: “I get it”
From BOOKRIOT: From Zero to Well-Read in 100 Books by Jeff O’Neal

For Hungry Book Nerds
From Flavorwire: 10 Literary Restaurants for Hungry Book Nerds Around the World



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