And now, a word or two (and a few videos) from my friends …

I have spread out this week’s offering of interesting links over three posts – because there were so many good articles, videos, and posts I wanted to share with you and it was too much to post them all together. I’ve already posted Parts 1 & 2, and here is Part 3, comprised of links to a number of friends’ sites, either people I know or, at least, have met. Please read what they have to say and consider subscribing to their blogs and sites. Enjoy!


From my good friend and Alberta Author, Betty Jane Hegerat, comes Family Recipes.

Ken McGoogan, who blurbed the back cover of my novel, offers information about a one-week intensive writing workshop this summer in Toronto: Would you take a writing workshop with this man?

My long time Caribbean friend, Gwenith Whitford (who also graduated from Queen’s!), lives on, and writes about, the island of Dominica in her blog, Ti Dominik Tales. Recently, she talked of Teaching ESL on the Nature Island: Class One – Dominica’s Environment

From Hazel Hutchins, an award-winning Alberta Author of children’s books, there’s a newly designed website.

My good friends at The University of Alberta Press have maintained an informative blog for quite a while, titled There’s a Hole in the Bucket. In this post, they report on the recent Alberta Book Awards Gala held in Edmonton and include a list of the winners as well as a slide show of the festivities!

Another Alberta Author who maintains an excellent blog is Thomas Wharton. Tom often writes about what it means to be a writer, how he writes, as well as what he writes. In this post, he gives us a visual version of A writer’s journey

And … LOOK OUT! Eugene Stickland – playwright, publisher, teacher, bon-vivant, and man-about-Calgary – warns us of The Long-awaited Return of Mr. Grumpypants!

Someone I had the great opportunity to meet is Billy Collins, former United States Poet Laureate. I was a member of the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program Steering Committee that invited him to Calgary in 2012. Bob Chelmick, host of CKUA’s The Road Home regularly plays recordings of Collins reading his poetry. So when I heard Ballistics the other day I knew I had to share it with you. Then the poem Forgetfulness was played as well, and it seemed like a good idea to include that, while I was at it. You can never have enough Billy Collins …

And finally, from a Bequia “friend” I have yet to meet in person, here’s a post on the relatively new blog written by Jay Yurkiewicz linking to an article about a friend of Jay’s who “gives back globally.” I will be writing more about this concept in the near future.

I have recently figured out how to make videos using my new camera and have set up a YouTube channel so that I may post these online to share with fans and followers. No cat videos … yet, but I will not promise there won’t be any cat videos in the future. For now, you’ll have to make do with three videos of Admiralty Bay. All are available to view on this blog post. I hope they will give you a brief taste of Bequia, especially those of you who have read my novel but have not yet visited the island. Yes, this place really does exist!

Have you recently discovered any interesting articles or blogs dealing with the topics on this blog? (Writing, Editing, Publishing, Promotion, eBooks, Bookselling) Please post a link in the comments section, and tell us why you think it’s important.

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  1. Thanks Sue! I appreciate the “plug.” There is always so much to write about on the Nature Island. : )

    1. Here’s hoping some of my readers will now subscribe and follow your fine blog, as well!

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