Today on Bequia … here comes the rain again!

I thought those of you who have never been to Bequia might be interested in seeing what it’s like when it rains here. And those of you who have been to Bequia will, I’m sure, enjoy reliving the experience of getting caught in a sudden downpour!

It truly is an Island in the Clouds!

Here are a couple of videos I just shot (testing out the new camera!), during the rain and after.

Rain on Bequia

After the Bequia Rain

And a link to The Eurythmics’ lovely song that always runs through my mind whenever I see a downpour heading towards us from Spring …

Here’s what it looks – and sounds – like this evening … Yes, the tree frogs really are that loud!

(Plus I got to play around today, creating a new YouTube Channel so that I will now be able to post videos online, to my blog, Facebook, and Twitter – Hooray!)


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  1. It’s been pouring like that here in Etobicoke, Susan! Question? when you keep having that much damp don’t your mattresses, etc get icky to sleep on? A real question.

    1. Yes, you’re correct, Linda. But we have a waterbed, so the mattress itself is well covered. The bedding though always feels a bit damp-ish.

  2. It rain plenty on Dominica too nuh girl! ; )

  3. Oh my! This is rain, real rain, sounds and sights, no wonder the lushness…

    1. 🙂 And it’s starting up again just now … The problem with having a galvanized roof is that, when the rain pounds on it, hearing anything else – like a CD or the TV or someone talking – is virtually impossible.

  4. I’m sure Denis told you about the lovely storm he drove through in Ontario…weird weather here, for sure! Great videos, Sue, loved them, felt like I was there with you and wish I was.

    1. Yes, it was what he would call a “gully washer”! Miss you, Suse!

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