The weekly offering of interesting stuff, news and views, for your consideration … Part 2: Publishing, Bookselling, and Rachelle Gardner

From Rachelle Gardner
The Secret to Reading More Books
How to Read More Books in Less Time
The One Thing Every Writer Needs by Billy Coffey

On Libraries and Selling Books
From The Star Books: David Mason sees his book business winding down but says good writing will never go out of style
From The Globe and Mail: Indie bookstore writes its next chapter
From Forbes: Iowa City Bookstore Prairie Lights Thrives Despite Kindle
From Reading interrupted: Vineyard Library

On Publishing and Promotion
From GallyCat: Digital Swag To Share At Events
From We Grow Media: Tweeting is not a Marketing Strategy
From wordserve water Cooler: Book Publishing Basics by Alice Crider
From Futurebook: Book industry: stop moaning and be creative by Tom Chalmers
From Wired: Why Book Publishers Are Still Dragging Their Heels On Selling You E-Books by Rachel Edidin
From Bestseller Labs: 7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Book Sales Without Even Realizing It by Jonathan Gunson
From Salon: Amazon hasn’t killed us yet! by Laura Miller
From PublishingPerspectives: Why Publishing Needs to Foster Its Own Startup Economy by Kristen McLean
From The Guardian: Margaret Atwood: doyenne of digital-savvy authors
From The Shatzkin Files: What I was thinking when I said that wild stuff

And here’s a short video from HuffPost Books about the Penguin Book Truck: Mobile Bookstore to Hit the Road This Summer

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