The weekly offering of interesting stuff, news and views, for your consideration … Part 1: On Writing, Reading, and Seth Godin

Too much of a good thing IS a good thing!

There were so many articles and blog posts I wanted to share with you this week that I’ve had to divide them up into three posts so that no one post is unwieldy. I’ll publish these over the next few days so everyone actually has time to read through the lists to find what interests them. Enjoy!

On Writers, Writing and Editing
From Nathan Bransford: How to Know You’re a Writer (in GIF form)
From Writer Unboxed: What Should You Expect From a Freelance Editor? (A Timely Debate)
From HuffPost Books: 13 Vintage Photos of Famous Authors Writing
and Odd Typewriters by Celia Blue Johnson
From Open forum: Why Your Great Ideas Get Turned Down by David Burkus
From SlideShare: Secrets of Working With an Editor – a BookVlog
From Joel Goldman: You Set Me Up: The Importance of Setting in Crime Fiction
From Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 10 Things Your Opening Chapter Should Do: A Check-List For Self-Editing
From Jeff Bullas: Are You Waiting To Be Perfect?
From C. Hope Clark: The Greatest Fan

On Reading
From terribleminds: 25 Things You Should Know About Young Adult Fiction
From HuffPost Books: Best Classic Books: 10 Classics That Won’t Put You To Sleep

From Seth Godin
The 5000th post
Worst one ever
Memo to the modern COO


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  1. Thank you for including my post about the importance of setting in crime novels. I’m enjoying the other links in the list too. JG

    1. Thanks for writing such an interesting article, Joel, and for reading my blog!

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