Introducing … IslandShorts!!

island shorts

Announcing the launch of a new eBook-only imprint!

IslandShorts, is an offshoot of IslandCatEditions that will specifically publish short works of fiction, non-fiction, and also possibly poetry. We hope to publish a new eBook every month. These publications will be available for sale online only for $2.99 – $4.99, depending upon the length of the work. They will be formatted for reading on all eReaders and computers. We may also arrange to set up a pre-paid subscription service, if we find there is an interest in such an idea.

As well, there’s the possibility of print publishing these stories, either singly or in collections, as limited-edition, quality-printed chapbooks.

Watch this space for an announcement about the first publication in the series! If you are interested in writing a blog post about this new venture or otherwise publicizing and promoting IslandShorts, please send me an email: susanmtoy (at)

(Thanks to Pam Stewart for designing the logo!)


8 responses

  1. Sue, I love the catchy title and its matching design. Can’t wait to see and read what you cook up in this exciting and timely literary genre!

    1. Thanks, Gwen! And notice that we’ll be publishing non-fiction as well …

  2. I’ve been following this trend with Susan over the last few months. The digital world has opened up the opportunity to write into a new niche that has very rarely been available. Anyone like me, who has written for literary periodicals, newspapers, and magazines, realizes that word counts rule. This was especially true of short stories. I always found myself eliminating a lot of fascinating material, and even compromising my natural style, which tends to be discursive and wandering, to fit into a 2000 word box. The digital world has created the opportunity for long form fiction and non-fiction. IslandShorts should nestle right into that space and hopefully ride on a new trend!

    1. Here’s hoping we’re correct, Michael!

  3. Love this idea! I’m a bit of a flash fiction junkie (writing and reading) so this is exciting.

    1. Thanks, Minkee! I’m quite chuffed about being able to test my theories about the direction publishing, bookselling, and reading are heading.

      1. Well, I’m also a big fan of my Kindle e-reader, so this hits the mark on several fronts.

      2. Excellent! That’s what I hope to do – hit the mark! 🙂

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