The weekly roundup … all kinds of great stuff!

From Frelancing to Freedom
Meditating in Las Vegas

On Writing
From Eric M. Ralph: So You Want to Write a Novel (infographic)
From HuffPost Books: Writing Tips: 31 Most Invaluable Pieces of Writing Advice From Famous Authors
From C. Hope Clark: The Best Advice a Writer Can Receive

On Writing in … Coffee Shops!!
From Writer Unboxed: The Quest: One Writer’s Search for The Coffee Shop Office by Allison Heller

From Seth Godin
On adding a zero
Overcoming the impossibility of amazing

On Promotion, Publicity, and Platform
From Writer Unboxed: Are You Giving Readers Only The “Minimum Amount” Of Your Attention? by Dan Blank
From terribleminds: An Examination Of The Wily “Book Blurb”

On Publishing and Publishers
From The National Post: Feeling the pinch by Peter Kuitenbrouwer

On Stephen King, eBooks, and Publishing
Stephen King has the wrong villain – it’s not the ebook
Embrace the e-book, Stephen King. It is not for an author to tell his readers how to read

On Reading
From BuzzFeed: 25 Signs You’re Addicted To Books
From Anne R. Allen’s Blog: Short is the New Long: 10 Reasons Why Short Stories Are Hot
From The Tangential: Ten Kinds of Book People It’s Impossible to Have a Conversation With
by Jay Gabler

On Stores and Bookselling
From CBC Books: In the bookstore world, it’s survival of the hipster-ist
From MailOnline: Britain’s oldest shop which first opened for business during the reign of Henry V could finally close after 600 years
From Booknet Canada: Canadian Book Consumer 2012 – Book-Buying Behaviour

And … just because I love to swim – From The Top 10 … of Anything and Everything!!!
The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing Swimming Pools

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