This week’s selection of blog posts, articles, videos, and words of wisdom …

A word from Captain Mal/Richard Castle on reading …


And a word or more on teaching writing from my own very exceptionally good writing instructor, Ann Ireland … who I should have asked to edit that last line for me before I posted. Don’t forget about Ann’s latest novel, The Blue Guitar, available in print and eBook formats.

Here’s a new site offering blogging about books, a place to list what you’re reading/have read, and a new book community to become involved in … booklikes

From Seth Godin, No Signal on getting the word out, and You Should Buy the Book on buying books and sharing them.

On Writing
From The Writing Corp: On Following the Trends
From Notes From the Perilous Realm by Thomas Wharton: Focus

On Self-Publishing
From Anne R. Allen’s Blog: How NOT to Self-Publish: 12 Things for New Indies to Avoid

From The Australian: The losing game of writing books to win by Helen Garner

And, what the heck! Here’s that fabulous music video of David Bowie’s Space Oddity created in space by Commander Chris Hadfield, who has done more for science and space and space travel than anyone else – ever! You’ve probably already viewed it, but this is well worth watching again and again and again …

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