Revisiting my youth …

I’ve come back to my roots for a couple of days, to visit Michael and Fay who live in the town of Minden – the town closest to South Lake where my parents bought a cottage the year I was born (and that was some time ago!).

This town recently endured an historical flood and I was told by the bus driver last night that he could only just recently drop off passengers at the usual agent’s stop, because the downtown had been underwater for a couple of weeks and the roads impassable. I saw the pictures as they were posted to Facebook …

(Photo from The Minden Times)

Now that the waters have receded, the damages are being estimated and it looks as though this natural disaster is going to remain in everyone’s memories for many years.

Fundraising efforts are underway, however, with a couple of events already in the works. I’m pleased to be able to help in my own small way, especially as this town of Minden was such a large part of my early life. I’ve donated copies of my book to be sold at these events and ALL proceeds will go to the Minden Flood Relief Fund. Plus, I am thrilled to be attending the first event organised for Wednesday May 15, as I reported here the other day. It just worked out so well that I could travel to Minden during this time!

(If anyone out there is interested in making a donation, please contact me at susanmtoy (at) and I will steer you in the right direction.)

I look forward to reconnecting with the few people I do know who still live in the Minden area, and I’ve been promised a tour this afternoon that will include a trip out to South Lake to see my old stomping grounds – the best place anyone could have had the opportunity and privilege to spend their summers growing up.

I brought my new camera, too!

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