Decisions, decisions …

I’m leaving Calgary today. Coincidentally, the last time I left Calgary, figuring I’d never again be coming back here to live or work, it was a snowy May 4th in 1996. Dennis and I were on our way to Bequia, moving there permanently into the house we’d just built. And here I am, 17 years later, planning to do much the same, having given away or stored all the belongings I’ve accumulated over these past five years since I returned.

This time, however, I really don’t plan on coming back again. I’ve discovered that I don’t belong here any more.

So, as good a city as Calgary has been to me, and also the province of Alberta – and, truly, they have been great, as far as I’m concerned … it’s time to move on, to retire from the book promotion business and concentrate on my own writing, read all these books I’ve accumulated over the years, think, cook, eat, and just enjoy my retirement. I’ll be moving back to my roots in Ontario – that will now become my Canadian residence, once again – and will split my time between there and the Caribbean. (Much cheaper to fly to Toronto from Barbados and I also lose that extra late-night flight and arrival in Calgary, too!)

This isn’t to say that I will never come back to Alberta for a visit, but that’s all my trips here will be from now on – just a visit. I will miss those mountains, however. And driving the Longview Highway.

And all the friends I’ve made here over the years.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to today – packing, yet again, and flying out of Calgary this afternoon. Possibly for the last time.

But if I’ve learned one thing over my *almost 60-years* it’s that you should never say never. So it’s “Adieux and Aufiedersehen!” and not “Goodbye.”

And “Thanks, Calgary and Alberta, for being such a great place to hang my hat all these years.”

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  1. You will be very much missed, Sue. Guess I’ll need to start planning a trip out east!

    1. Or, better yet, to Bequia! Editors are always welcome on Bequia.

  2. Hey Susan,
    Thanks for your thoughtful post.No doubt it crosses all of our minds to leave, but most of us don’t have the courage to. Calgary is diminished by your leaving. All the best in Ontario.

    1. Thanks, Eugene! At least, through the miracle of the Internet, I’ll be able to continue reading about your life in Calgary and your thought you post to your blog and in The Beacon. Please keep writing and publishing!

      1. Thanks Susan! All the best.

  3. Gone but not forgotten. Good luck in Ontario.

    1. Thanks, Rorie! I hope you’re correct …

  4. Can’t believe you’d trade Naheed Nenshi for Rob Ford. Hope you also got a lot of future draft choices. Welcome back to Taranna.

    1. Actually, not Toronto specifically, but Ontario. And if I could have fit Naheed into my suitcase, I would have taken him with me!!

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