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From rea tarvydas: A Writer/Professional – Calgary author!

Two more articles by Lisa McGonigle, author of Snowdrift


and the inspiration for my recent blog post, Home and a sense of belongingNo Direction Home and Steadfast and True: Fernie Friends Reunited

On Writing
From wordserve water cooler: Get Thee to a Conference, Writer! by jandunlap
From The Writing Corp: Writing in the Real World by lindaricke
From The Writing Corp: People Like You by alicorndreams
From Writer Unboxed: When to Hold Em’ and When to Fold Em’: Knowing If Your Manuscript is Worth Fighting For by Heather Reid
From The Writing Corp: It’s Okay to Fail by Rowan

On Publishing
From The Shatzkin Files: The three forces that are shaping 21st century book publishing: scale, verticalization, and atomization

On Promotion
From 30-Day Book: Why I’m Totally Okay With Giving My Book Away Free by Dana Sitar
From Seth Godin: Frequency, repetition and the power of saying it more than once
From GalleyCat: How Indie Authors Can Work Together by Jason Boog
From Writer Unboxed: Hacks for Hacks: How to PWN Twitter by Bill Ferris

On eBooks and ePublishing
From Nathan Bransford: Who Owns E-book Rights From Old Publishing Contracts?

On Readers and Reading
From We Grow Media: Writers: Focus on Reader Discovery, Not Book Discoverability
From Publishing Perspectives: What Does “Post-Digital” Book Discovery Look Like?
From LeadersWest: How social media changed the dynamic between authors and readers by Joanne Clancy

On Blogs and Blogging
From Michael Hyatt: 3 Blogging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Traffic (video) and Headlines That Grab Readers by the Eyeballs and Suck Them into Your Message
From The Writing Corp: What We All Forget by Nesher Ehrman

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