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Motivated Mastery: A New Manifesto

On Platform, Promotion, Publicity
From We Grow Media: Platform is Craft
From wordserve water cooler: “Would You Like To Meet the Author?” by jandunlap
From GalleyCat: Book Promotion Strategies That Actually Worked
From Six Pixels of Separation: Fascinating Perspectives On the Future of Media

On Self-Publishing
From terribleminds: Self-Publishing Is The Blah Blah and Floo-De-Doo and Poop Noise

On Publishing
From The Washington Post: Book experts weigh in on the publishing industry’s revolution
From Writer Unboxed: Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Publishing a Book by Sarah Pekkanen
From The Guardian: The novelists of 1993 had it easy. How will today’s young writers publish their work?

On Crowdsourcing and Funding
From The Saskatoon StarPhoenix: Local startups increasingly banking on crowdfunding

On eBooks and ePublishing
From Publishing Perspectives: German Readers Finally Embracing eBooks, Self-Publishing
From GIZMODO: Why Do We Keep Making eBooks Like Paper Books?

On Blogs and Blogging
From The Writing Corp: Blogging Styles: Don’t Paint Yourself Into A Corner by DCMontreal

On Writing
From Commas, Characters and Crime Scenes: Verbs for Carrying Dialogue: “Said” Versus the Rest
From The Writing Corp: What is a Writer? by nesherehrman
From wordserve water cooler: Have I Arrived? Defining Your Expectations as a Writer by Kimberley Vargas

On Print Books
From mental_floss: 10 Terms to Describe the Anatomy of a Book
From HuffPost Books: Mailbooks For Good: Send Used Books to Deserving Causes – video

On Reading
From interesting literature: 20 Quotations about Life, Love, and Death
From The Guardian Books Podcast: Richard Ford on The Sportswriter

On Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the publication of Le Petit Prince!
Cool commemorative stuff to purchase …
To forget a friend is sad. Not every one has had a friend. And if I forget him, I may become like the grown-ups who are no longer interested in anything but figures …


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