Blogs, articles, news and views – the weekly roundup

On Writing
From Writer Unboxed: The Foolish Writer and the Wise by Jael McHenry
From terribleminds: Fuck the Straight Line: How Story Rebels Against Expectation
From bottleworder: Five observations on writing

On Publishing – Trad and Self
From Rachelle Gardner: When the Sales Guys Run the Company
From terribleminds: When Self-Publishing is Just Screaming Into the Void

On Reading and Reading Groups
From Books & Such: Online reading groups and writers
From BOOKRIOT: What Do Readers Owe Authors?

On Promotion and Publicity
From wordserve water cooler: The Surprising Thing About Book Influencers by Lucille Zimmerman

On Crowdsourcing
From HuffPost Books: 10 Things to Know About Kickstarting a Book

On Blogs and Blogging
From Write with Warnimont: Why and How You Should Give Out an eBook (and more stuff) On Your Blog
From Boost Blog Traffic: An Open Letter to All Bloggers Cluttering the Web With Forgettable Content

On Amazon and Google
From The Atlantic: The Simple Reason Why Goodreads Is So Valuable to Amazon

On Sales
From Rachelle Gardner: Give Customers What They Want?

Congratulations to Chris Guillibeau on reaching his goal of visiting every country in the world!

And for fun, new videos from our favourite ennui-suffering cat, Henri!
On Cat Food Boredom, Part 2
On Cat Food Boredom, Part 3

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