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On Writing
From Writer Unboxed: How to Write a Screenplay: 7 Starting Tips for Adapting Your Own Novel by Chuck Sambuchino
From terribleminds: 25 Ways To Be A Happy Writer (Or, At Least, Happier) by Chuck Wendig

Great Blog Posts
From Betty Jane Hegerat: Radical Gratitude and a lot of Random Musing
From Gwenith Whitford: Congratulations to Ti Domnik Tales on one year of blogging success!

On eBooks or Print
From The Guardian: Why eBooks are a different genre from print

On Self-Publishing
From HuffPost Books: Self-Publishers The New Generation of Cool Kids by Terri Giuliano Long for

On Reading
From Qwiklit: 10 Essential Prairie Novels
From How We Read by Nathan Savin Scott: The Many Meanings of the Book Club

On Bookstores and Bookselling
From BOOKRIOT: 15 Movies Starring Bookstores
From HuffPost Books: The Battle to Save Bookstores by Penny C. Sansevieri

And, finally, On Amazon Buying Goodreads
The big news this past week was that Amazon had bought the book-reading-and-review site, Goodreads, for an estimated $1 Billion. At first, I was incensed by this move, but I’ve been reading about the pros and cons from both sides, and I’m not yet sure I believe this is either good or bad for authors and readers. What do you think? Please read the following links to articles and opinion pieces and feel free to make your comments below.

From HuffPost Books: Amazon Buys Goodreads: What Does It Mean For Authors and Readers? by Dan Blank
From Nathan Bransford: Amazon Acquired Goodreads
From David Gaughran – Let’s Get Digital: Why Amazon’s Purchase of Goodreads Is A Good Thing
From terribleminds: The “Amazon Is Bad For Authors” Meme
From BloombergBusinessWeek: Rampant Speculation: How Much Did Amazon Pay for Goodreads?
From BOOKRIOT: Will You Be Deleting Your Goodreads Account?
From HuffPost Books: Turning My Back on Goodreads by Katie Fransen


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