From the archives – Firefly and Serenity – Jan. 24, 2010

In anticipation of the new Joss Whedon production of Much Ado About Nothing and the 100th episode of Castle, here’s a revisit to a post I wrote in January 2010. Since then, I have watched the entire series of Dollhouse and The Avengers and loved them both. You my main man, Joss!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I have become a fan – an extreme fan!!! Thanks to constant badgering from my sister, nephew and Darcie, I have finally watched, and savoured, the complete Firefly TV series followed by the pilot of Serenity, in the order I was ordered to follow. And all I can say is… BRILLIANT!!!!!

This has everything! Great acting, excellent and exciting battle scenes, an enemy far worse than the Borg, very good special effects, believable characters who are well-drawn and develop throughout the series, very, very good writing with interesting and intricate plots and story lines that recur in later episodes, and funny, funny, funny memorable lines – too many for me to possibly begin listing here, but my sister seems to have them all memorized. Plus, Nathan Fillion is the star. Need I say more? But Firefly and Serenity ultimately passed my true test for book-reading and movie-watching, because when I came to the end I wanted to start watchng right from the beginning, all over again. This series was that good. Darcie’s suggestion for a Firefly/Serenity marathon is sounding like a very good idea for next weekend, if my nephew doesn’t mind me hanging on to his copies for a while longer. Think this is definitely a case, though, where I need to buy my own copies. And never lend them to anyone. **Update – I have my very own copy of Firefly now, thanks to Erin sending me a present!

I don’t mourn that there are no further episodes. Like some of the great British series, Firefly was limited to the pilot and 14 episodes, so it didn’t have a chance to grow old and stale, lasting well past its shelf life, as is the case with many favourite TV shows. I’d love to know what happens next, but in some ways it’s better to imagine and dream about the possibilites. Besides, we now have Nathan Fillion, a good Alberta boy, starring in Castle – another terrific TV series, this time about a writer (who dresses in his “Mal” space-cowboy outfit in the second season Hallowe’en episide). I’m counting on that series lasting at least three seasons, and maybe more. **As luck would have it, Castle is coming up to the end of Season 5 now and still going strong!

But you can’t rave about Firefly and Serenity without calling out the director/writer and ultimate brains behind it all. Joss Whedon is, to say the very least, remarkable. I know now to pay attention to anything that has his name on it.

Dare I say this? Firefly and Serenity… better than Star Trek!

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