A New Poll – on reading habits, likes and dislikes …

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  1. My recent discovery, after cataract surgery on my right eye to be followed by the left eye in a couple of weeks, is that the KOBO is the easiest to read. Obviously, the ability to adjust the font shape and size really helps. I suspect the ‘aging eyes’ population is eventually going to discover this feature and add to the acceleration of ereader purchases. However, I live in a home with hundreds of books, cherish them, and remain surprised that I’ve read so many of them…

    1. I believe you are correct, Michael. As we all age, vision is definitely becoming a problem. I find I read differently using my eReader and when I shift back to print I’m vexed that I can’t adjust the font size! But I also find I am now reading more books in both formats, and reading faster, too. I know I’m not the only one. It’s as though I’m consuming books lately, both print and eBooks. Has anyone else noticed this?

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