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On Social Advocacy
An excellent article by Fay Martin, Ensuring all people have a proper place to live

What help can you offer to someone that’s free?
The Art of Non-Conformity: The “Help Someone for Free” Experiment
(This idea is worth a separate blog post. I’m thinking I can offer promotion – no strings attached. A shout-out on social media and my blog. I believe this offer falls within Chris Guillebeau’s parameters.)

On Editing
The 7 Deadly Sins of Self-Editing
So You Want to Use Song Lyrics in Your Novel?

On Writing & Reading (This could also go under Editing)
Behind Every Great Writer is an Ideal Reader

On Publishing
How WOOL Got A Unique Publishing Deal
Amazon Opens Literary Imprint Called “Little A”
5 Industry Trends Requiring Every Writer’s Attention

On Blogs & Blogging
It’s Time for (Many) Experienced Writers to Stop Blogging
How To Increase Blog Feedback From Readers
More Blogs to Follow via Twitter

On Crowd Sourcing
Do Not Misunderstand Kickstarter

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  1. I am an unapologetic fan of my e-reader!! I have never read as much as in the past year since I got my Kindle, it goes with me everywhere, is smaller and more convenient than most paperbacks. I can find books I want so easily (too easily sometimes) and even get sample chapters of books I’m not sure about, all without leaving the comfort of my house!
    And make no mistake, I’m buying electronic versions of books that I probably would never have picked up in hardcopy.
    So, maybe the purists who insist on having a physical copy of a book will rail against the electronic versions, but I’m betting the authors selling books to people like me who might not buy them otherwise aren’t complaining.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Minkee! I could have written exactly the same words; I’m reading far more books – and reading them faster! – than I ever have before in my life. I’m also reading an equal number of books in print at the same time, but the bonus of eBooks is that I can immediately download a book I want to read right at that moment, even though I’m in the Caribbean. I have an extensive print library here at my house, but not always the exact print book at hand just when I need it. So, as far as I’m concerned, as a reader, I’m enjoying the benefits of both formats.

      And, as an author with a novel published in both eBook and print formats, I’m pleased to know that most people who travel to this destination (which it turns out is my main market) usually carry an eReader. While the print edition is being sold through the local bookstore, it’s difficult, not to mention very expensive and time-consuming, to get enough stock here to supply their demand. I’ve discovered tough that most of my readers have been buying the eBook online prior to travelling then, if they liked the novel enough to want to keep a copy, they’ll pick up the print edition after the fact for posterity.

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